Economists: Unemployment Rate Decline In Connecticut Due To Low Labor Force

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The falling unemployment rate may be due to people withdrawing from the labor force.
The falling unemployment rate may be due to people withdrawing from the labor force. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Some economists are saying that the reason for Connecticut's encouraging downward trend in its unemployment rate is that people have stopped looking for work and are leaving the labor force, according to a story at NPR.

Fred Carstensen, director of the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis, says the unemployment rate would be much higher in the state if historical labor force numbers were applied, according to the article.

Carstensen also said the number of jobs Connecticut has gained is still outweighed by how many it lost during the recession, the article said.

Read the full NPR report here.

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Comments (11)

As for me, one of the reason why some people aren't able to find a job is that, they have to tune up or improve the way they make their curriculum vitae, knowing that it will serve as your first impression to your prospect employer. Undoubtedly, the resume is the one weapon you can hold on in order to get a job. It is a bit impractical to be choosy over job openings as everything is just in a blur and financial analysts predict that it might take 18 months for the country to recover from the recession that we are now experiencing.

"For every one job created, FIVE have left the workforce".

That is horrible news for December and yet that is how the "unemployment rate" has dropped.

Yes. Where's that name calling right wing insanity poser now?

Tax receipts are at record highs, similar to Federal tax "revenues" are not the problem. CT suffers with massive unfunded entitlement programs which may lead the State to a Detroit, MI problem....there is absolutely no way to meet these obligations, similar to the $75 trillion of unfunded legacy obligations at the Federal level. The programs must be adopted/modified for life expectancies 20 years longer than when the programs were first implemented, and retirement ages need to be moved out as well.

If the State and Federal government were held to the same standards of the private sector, the elected officials would be in jail for "cooking the books" the unfunded obligations overwhelm the ability to pay.....and yet we everyone wants to believe it's the 1% that needs to pay more.

Well, the 1% will move out to Florida, Texas and other tax friendly jurisdictions who also do not have the same unfunded legacy problems that impact CT, NY, NY etc.

It unfortunately is just math, and we are still waiting for Malloy to address these programs which are insolvent.

Not sure what is "faceless". Tax receipts are easily tracked and you can find that yourself. The Social Security and Medicare Trust boards provide detailed reports on the substantial unfunded problems with both programs. Finally, the CT State pension board also provides data on the unfunded nature of their retirement programs. Finally, I am not a right winger, but a pragmatic moderate who has voted both sides of the aisle. Regardless, if we all want to live in a fantasy land that "all is good", it will only be a matter of time. Demographics are working against these programs; fewer births, longer life expectancy and the miracles of modern medicine. Just look at the auto, steel, airline and textile workers to retire ratios got out of waco and these industries each suffered enormous structural and permanent change. And if you drive an M3, you can surely "afford" to pay for your retirement and healthcare, along with increased taxes.

You lefties called me a liar for making this exact point last month. Is the paper lying, too?

All you right wing wackos are liars.

Spoken like a true keyboard comando! Bogus name and all. Who doesn't like facts now?

Plenty of work for those who have 21 century skills and are educated . The only ones I see complaining are a bunch of has been republicans.
Thank You president Obama and Governor Malloy for fixing the screw-ups of the Republican Bush and the Republican Rell.

Gee. The media is starting to figure out what the educated have been saying all along.
The real unemployment rate is well over 20 percent

Keep raising taxes and employers will stop hiring altogether or leave. The unemployed will then inherit state debt...think about who will pay government salaries...