Connecticut Sets New Record Lows With Arctic Cold

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A crew of workers bundles up from head to toe to clear the snow from a Ridgefield sidewalk.
A crew of workers bundles up from head to toe to clear the snow from a Ridgefield sidewalk. Photo Credit: Karen Tensa

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- How low can you go? For Temperatures sank to record-breaking lows in Fairfield County and across Connecticut early Saturday, according to the National Weather Service. 

Connecticut reached a record low of - 9 degrees at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks overnight, the NWS said. The previous record was minus-7, set in 1981.

A record low of 5 degrees was set in Bridgeport, the other official recording location in the state. The old record of 9 degrees was set in 2008. A record low maximum temperature of 14 degrees was also set in Bridgeport, breaking the record of 16 degrees set in 1981. 

The coldest temperature recorded in the state was -18 in Norfolk in the northwest corner of the state, an area in the foothills of the Berkshires that is usually much colder that the rest of Connecticut. 

Other temperatures below zero included:

  • Canaan: -13       
  • Falls Village: -12 
  • Thomaston: -10      
  • Burlington: -9
  • Litchfield: -8
  • Millerton: -8
  • Oakville: -8
  • New Hartford: -8
  • Torrington: -7
  • Terryville: -6 
  • Kent: -3 

The sunshine Saturday warmed temperatures only into the mid-teens in Fairfield County. Sunday and Monday will be in the mid-40s, with rain expected, before temperatures plunge again Monday evening, with an overnight low of 5 degrees expected.

Temperatures on Tuesday will hit the teens again, before plunging again into single digits overnight. 

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Comments (8)

Hah, only thing CT sets record lows at are beyond its control. Everything else, taxes, debt, unemployment, we top the charts.

But Ski is right, we cancel school at the drop of a hat these days & its got nothing to do with the kids. Its the teachers & their unions that don't want them coming in in bad weather but make the tax payers pay them anyway.
Stop paying them for staying home when it snows & watch how quick they start remembering how to drive.

Here in Steamboat CO, this would be a great day to head to the mountain & do some turns in the fresh powder.....not complain and make headlines over the temperature & a little snow.

Before you complain about a little snow & cold - Put it in perspective - Schools in the Mountain towns of the Rockies only cancel school at -40 only because the busses can't run. School has never been canceled due to snow. SSSD runs 35 busses every day, so it has nothing to do with volume or the distance the busses travel; far greater than that of Westport.

I grew up in Westport and it was rare for us to miss school due to snow & cold. Canceling school a day in advance was unheard of. No wonder the kids go to school for all of June.

Wake up folks - you all drive your super expensive "all terrain " gas guzzler's that are made for this weather. The main issue is every one has forgotten how to drive in winter conditions.....slow down, triple your stopping distance & just relax and you will get to where you are going when you get there....It's just simple planning. Global Warming is here folks and get used to these "harsh" conditions.....more on the way over the coming years.

Certain towns, such as Greenwich, close schools for one reason and that's liability. They do not want a kid walking to the bus stop and getting hurt, or walking to school and getting hurt or someone drives them to school and they get hurt. It would cost them a hell of a lot more money if someone gets hurt then to keep everyone home. So, that's why they go to school until end of June. I'm waiting for the day it's in July lol.

This morning, enjoying my hot cuppa/ A young man (not exactly overdressed for 7 degrees, came down ,my road on his skate board to get to the bus stop. The kids stand there for about another two minutes and the bus arrives. I could feel the Cold being radiated from my single pane storm door. My jeans were very cold and I'm in the kitchen. The boys and girls boarding the bus I'm sure were cold to but it didn't seem to make them look affected. AAAAH Youth!

Mmmm I remember winter camping in Canada in my early twenties when the temp was 50 below. .... You wouldn't catch me doing that today. No way.

Shushhhhh .... the kids would prefer you kept quiet. ... Who wants to go to school.

So much for the global warming B.S.

No, this is Global Warming.