Danbury Gun Show Canceled Following Newtown Tragedy

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A gun show scheduled for Jan. 5-6 in Danbury has been canceled in the wake of the Newtown tragedy.
A gun show scheduled for Jan. 5-6 in Danbury has been canceled in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. Photo Credit: bigalsshows.com

DANBURY, Conn. – After initially saying its Danbury gun show scheduled for Jan. 5-6 was still on despite the Newtown school shootings, Big Al’s Gun Shows announced on its website the event has been canceled.

Several people expressed outrage about the organizer’s initial plans to hold the gun show in the wake of the tragedy.

“All, the Gun and Knife show that was to be hosted at the Crowne Plaza in Danbury on 1/5 has been cancelled,” Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton wrote on his Twitter feed.

The event was set to be hosted by Big Al’s Silver Bullet Productions, a New York-based company that sells guns, ammunition, tactical clothing and gear, and knives, according to the company’s website.  

Two other gun shows scheduled for February and March in New York also have been canceled.

Although an employee at Big Al’s said earlier this week that the Danbury event had not been canceled, the company could not be reached for comment about its decision to call off the show.

Many people contacted Boughton via Twitter, calling on him to stop the gun show from being held just a few miles from Newtown.

“Do the right thing. Speak out against the gun show. Ask them to cancel,” New Canaan Democrats tweeted at Boughton.

If the event were held as planned, children under 10 would have been allowed in for free with an adult.

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Comments (10)

These wackos when they post prove time and again why the Second Amendment must be repealed..Please keep posting and proving this point.

They dont even try that Tim. You can lobby for its repeal if you choose. But it'll be about as fruitless as fighting violence with gun control.

It will happen you will see..
The strange thing is all we really need to do is follow the second amendment as it does not allow the individual to have guns in the first place..It allows a well organized militia as in an army.

I have my pen out, and "NRA" is already on the check. Just trying to think of an appropriate amount.

What ever amount times it 26 as that is how may deaths they are responsible for in the most recent tragedy

When is the rescheduled date? This is a good show.

I dont know but you are right, its usually a good show. Some of these guys should visit a gun show in CT so they can learn about the reality VS the myth of what goes on there.

Why? We won't remove the gun free school laws that caused this tragedy out of respect or them, why close a function which had nothing to do with it? People are silly emotional things regarding some very serious issues. The only thing that woulda saved those kids would have been another gun. Either in the hands of an officer or better yet a staff member. This fantasy of a perfect cozy world where nobody wants to harm anyone would be amusing if people weren't getting victimized daily.

Good. They should cancel it. Out of respect for the victims families.

Definitely the right thing to do. Repealing any amendment of the Constitution is the wrong thing to do. Our freedoms are what make this Nation great.