Danbury Weighs New York City's Soda Ban, Says 'No Thanks'

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Danbury residents said they would not support a ban on large amounts of soda, similar to one set to take effect March 12 in NYC. Photo Credit: Flickr user dno1967b

DANBURY, Conn. – New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on the sale of sodas larger than 16 ounces is set to take effect March 12, and Danbury residents said they would not support a similar ban in their city.

The ban also extends to 2-liter bottles delivered with pizzas, pitchers of soda at family-friendly places like arcades and bowling alleys, as well as bottle service mixers at bars, according to the New York Post

“I'm not so sure why they include 2-liters with pizza delivery and pitchers at bowling alleys,” Jesse Buescher commented on The Danbury Daily Voice Facebook page. “Those are two instances in which *multiple* people are often enjoying said meal and beverage combination, which usually equates to maybe a glass and a half if divvied up properly.”

Buescher said the ban could also prevent people from actually taking the time to learn what is healthy for their lifestyle.

“Personal opinion is that this is just another way to take 'personal responsibility/accountability' out of the equation,” he said, adding, “Which makes the general public not only docile, but lazy in doing their research into what is 'right' or 'wrong' for their physiology.”

Danbury Mayor Mark joined the discussion on Twitter after posting a copy of a The New York Post article about the ban with the caption “you gotta be kidding…”

“Papa John’s in Hat City is safe, right?” Twitter user CTIronman asked Boughton, who goes by @MayorMark on Twitter.

Boughton assured the user soda-lovers could rest easy in Danbury, saying, “Never! Never I say!”

Others said they see the ban as a way for the government to impose on personal freedoms.

“Absolutely not!” Mike Armstrong commented on Facebook. “Let us make our own decisions.”

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