New Canaan Wife Wins $28.6 Million In Civil Suit Against Husband In Beating

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NEW CANAAN, Conn. -- Mary Margaret Farren of New Canaan was awarded $28.6 million in damages in lawsuit over a beating from her husband, J. Michael Farren, a former White House deputy counsel for then-President George W. Bush, according to ABC News. 

Multiple witnesses, including Mary Farren, took the stand to recount the night she was nearly beaten to death in 2010, ABC News said.  

The brutal attack was triggered when she served her husband with divorce papers, Mary Farren, a lawyer, was quoted as saying by ABC News. He threw her to the ground while choking her and continued to beat her while pulling out clumps of her hair, according to testimony, and beat her over the head with a Maglight flashlight, ABC News said. 

Michael Farren will face more time in court in connection with the incident. Although the civil case is over, criminal charges against the former White House lawyer are still pending. He faces a maximum of 70 years in prison if convicted on charges of attempted murder, first-degree strangulation and assault, according to ABC News. 

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Don't B Silly:

No AFFLUENZA defense? Guess it doesnt apply when its wealthy on wealthy violence.
If there is such a thing as Affluenza.....why isnt there the opposite disease that affects the poor.
You know the one that afflicts the folks in public housing projects who mostly turn to crime to support families and not always drug habits but end up doing years in jails for cannabis possessions or probation violations, meanwhile Wall Streeters and Senators are walking around getting busted with cocaine possessions but get to keep their jobs while the McDonalds french fry guy has to urinate in a cup to prove he is worthy enough to keep their low paying job.

$28.6 million.....lets hope she doesnt spend it in one place.

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