Plane Crashes Near South Street In Danbury

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A plane crashed Tuesday near South Street and Wixted Avenue in Danbury. Photo Credit: Matt Zalaznick
Three people survived a small plane crash on South Street Tuesday night. A parachute helped break the fall. Photo Credit: Joe Britton

DANBURY, Conn. – A plane crashed near South Street in Danbury around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Mayor Mark Boughton posted on his Twitter account. The three passengers in the plane were able to safely exit, Boughton said.

The plane’s fall was lessened by a parachute, Boughton added.

Tyler Miskar, who lives on South Street, witnessed the crash near the intersection of Wixted Avenue.

"I'm going out to have a cigarette. I see tail end of the plane along with the parachute coming down," Miskar said. "I see two people in the plane."

Power was out in the area, including on Wixted Avenue and South Street, he added.

A large crowd had gathered in the freezing weather. The plane's passengers remained at the scene. 

Another woman, who identified herself as only Cindy and lives near where the crash occurred, said it sounded like a car bottoming out and then she heard a boom and her lights went out. 

Connecticut Light and Power is reporting 1,020 customers in Danbury are without power. Boughton said power should be restored in the next several hours.

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Was there water in the fuel tank, or simply a lack of fuel in the fuel tank?


Has anyone ever performed a real world simple test on the Cirrus aircraft fuel tanks for the positive detection for water in the fuel? Does the preflight procedure, of sumping the fuel tanks, for water, actually provide for the positive detection of it? Cirrus pilots, how often have you actually witnessed any water in your sump cup during your preflight?

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