State Rejects Lawsuit From Stamford Woman Mauled By Chimp

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STAMFORD, Conn. -- The state Judiciary Committee upheld a previous decision Wednesday that the Stamford woman who was mauled by a chimp is not allowed to sue the state, according to The Hartford Courant.

Carla Nash and her attorney were attempting to sue the state for negligence, saying the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was delinquent in its duty in allowing Nash's friend Sandra Herold to keep the 200-pound animal as a pet, The Courant reported.

State lawyers referred to a part of state law that says the has a duty to protect residents in regulatory matters but not in instances of person-to-person injury, according to The Courant. 

Connecticut requires permission from the state claims commissioner in order for a citizen to sue the state, The Courant said.

Nash was attempting to sue the state for $150 million.

Nash sent a video (above) to the members of the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee in which she makes the claim the state had the authority to seize the chimpanzee from her friend, thereby avoiding the tragedy altogether.

Nash, who is now 60, was blinded, lost both hands and underwent a face transplant after the attack.

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Comments (4)

Did any of you expect the state would allow themselves to subjected to any type of litigation, that would have to be the most self deprecating act ever.....
And costly for the state to defend,, and we all know Malloy needs ONLY good press for his re-election campaign!!
For any of you, STUPID ENOUGH to vote for him and the job losses in this STATE, but certainly not me

very sad for all involved....

It is a very sad tragedy but my question goes why she kept visiting the friend if she knew she had a chimpanzee as a pet?. I heard she was visiting the friend more than one time. If I knew my friend has in their home an animal such a chimpanzee I would never would put a foot in their home. By fact everyone knows a chimpanzee is not a pet. It is ridiculous that she is trying to send us a crazy bill of 150 millions to the taxpayers to fix her own mistakes!

That lawsuit was frivolous on its face.