WalletHub Ranks Connecticut As 7th Worst State For Summer Road Trips

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – With more Americans hitting the road and gas prices rising over $4 per gallon, the personal finance social media network WalletHub looked at the Best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips. And Connecticut did not fare well in the survey. 

Using 21 key metrics such as driving costs, lodging prices, traffic safety, weather and of course, fun attractions for everyone, Connecticut ranked seventh in the list of worst states for summer road trips.

Here are Connecticut's rankings as a road-trip destination in different categories, with 1=best:

  • 37th – Number of attractions
  • 21st – Lowest price of 3-star hotel
  • 45th – Average gas prices
  • 39th – Number of nightlife options per capita
  • 9th – Vehicle miles traveled per capita
  • 23rd – Car thefts per capita
  • 49th – Number of scenic byways
  • 2nd – Difference between the historical average temperature for July 1 to Aug. 31 and the ideal temperature (75°)
  • 11th – Driving laws rating
  • 50th -- Average price of camping

Based on the list, Oregon is the best place to take a summer road trip, and Mississippi ranked last at No. 50 overall.

For the full report, please visit WalletHub.

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Comments (16)

Shame on us for voting to keep these clowns in office. We're close to the bottom on every survey. To me, this means it's time to change. Let's do away with "party loyalty" and vote only for individuals who will cut the spending, cut regulations.

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Have you been drinking the right wing wacko kook aid again?

Have you been drinking the right wing wacko kook aid again?