Danbury Police Warn Of CL&P, IRS Scams On Phone

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Danbury Police said there is an increase in scams involving people claiming to be from the IRS or Connecticut Light & Power. Photo Credit: File Photo

DANBURY, Conn. -- An increase in scams involving telephone calls claiming to be from the IRS or Connecticut Light & Power is being reported across the city, Danbury police warned residents. 

Danbury police are advising residents to be aware of two types of scams that are becoming more common.

The first involves a business receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be from CL&P, saying the business is delinquent on payments and failure to comply will result in the loss of power. The person on the phone instructs businesses to purchase a prepaid card and call them back with a pin number. 

The second scam involves a person claiming to be from the IRS calling a resident and claiming he or she owes several hundred dollars and failure to pay will involve an arrest warrant. Residents are then instructed to buy a prepaid card and call back with the pin number. 

The Danbury Police Department is reminding residents to never provide personal information to an unsolicited individual over the phone or on the computer. CL&P and the IRS do not ask people to purchase prepaid cards, Danbury police said.

CL&P officials further remind customers that those scheduled for disconnection due to nonpayment are given written notice with specific instructions.

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