Two Teens Charged With Making Threats Against Danbury High School

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DANBURY, Conn. - Danbury police arrested two teenagers Monday after investigating reports that the two had threatened to harm a student and "everyone else" at Danbury High School, police said. 

The initial report was made Wednesday, April 16, after a threat was made to one specific student over the phone, police said.

An investigation found that a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old made the phone threats, police said. Both admitted to conspiring to contact the victim and make the threats against the victim and the rest of the population at the high school, police said. 

The two teenagers were each charged with first-degree threatening, second-degree threatening, conspiracy to commit first-degree threatening and conspiracy to commit second-degree threatening.

Both teenagers were taken to the Bridgeport Juvenile Detention Center on Monday morning.

"Although both arrestees stated that it was only intended to be a prank, the Danbury Police Department has a zero tolerance when threats are made toward schools," a Danbury police spokesman said. 

Police did not release the names of the arrested teens because they are juveniles. 

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Comments (21)

Everyone knows criminals and insane people obey the laws. So if we ban a certain "assault weapon" we should expect the criminals to use something else.

That makes a lot of sense.

Burglars do not obey the law against burglary.
Shall we get rid of that law?
Murders do not obey the law against murder.
Shall we get rid of that law?
According to your logic that's what you are saying to get rid of a law because it may be violated.

Thst makes a lot of sense.

What makes everyone think these kids were going to use guns? They apparently threatened to "harm" everyone at the high school. There are other ways to do that which don't involve guns, or having you been reading about what happened in Pennsylvania? Also, the greatest school fatality in the history of the U.S. was not a gun incident. Search the words "Bath Township School", if you don't believe me.

That this vindicates gun laws is the silliest stretch ever posted. As recently demonstrated all these two had to do was walk into the kitchen and grab a couple of knives.

So gun control works. Great had nothing to do with the laws just passed because illegal guns represent 82% of all gun deaths or didn't you liberal know nothings know that!! Once again they were under age which has been a law for many years, But they could still own guns in spite of the new laws in CT.

Here we go since the so called safe gun laws have been enacted. Works real good for you liberals i guess

New Haven has historically had the highest rate of violent crime on the east coast. The impoverished, crime-ridden parts of the city stand in stark contrast to affluent Fairfield county to the West, and elite Yale University, which is located within the city itself. The number of murders in the city doubled last year. New Haven has the eighth highest rate of robbery and the fourth highest rate of assault in the U.S. The New Haven Police Department is considering adding cameras at every intersection in one of the neighborhoods where shootings are the most common.

Gun control works..... Why is it you right wingers just hate thar fact. The proof is right in this article.. I know you right wingers hate facts, but the fact is gun control works. PERIOD.

This proves gun control saves lives

How does it prove it?

Huge success for gun control

How? Why? What are you looking at?

Learn how to string a sentence together.

Totally wrong they were under age and could not get them before the ban. get your facts straight!!

Hey genius last I check many under age get illegal guns. You may want to check your facts before you continue to make a fool of yourself..

Thankfully due to the new gun laws these sickos were not able to get ahold of any weapons of mass destruction aka guns.

Dirty duck
You are correct as always. This clearly shows the success of the new gun laws..Those are the facts.