Cafero: FBI Investigating Connecticut House Republican Caucus

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Norwalk's Larry Cafero has said the State House GOP will fully cooperate with a federal probe.
Norwalk's Larry Cafero has said the State House GOP will fully cooperate with a federal probe. Photo Credit: Joan Gaylord

NORWALK, Conn. -- Connecticut House Minority Leader Larry Cafero (R-Norwalk/New Canaan) said his caucus is fully cooperating with a federal investigation that brought on the resignation of Chief of Staff George Gallo on Thursday, Feb. 20, according to The Hartford Courant. 

Gallo resigned after acknowledging he was a person of interest in an investigation stemming from improper use of a Florida-based direct-mail and printing company, The Courant reported. 

"The Democratic and Republican leaders of the Legislative Management Committee also met today and have agreed to comply fully with all relevant federal and state statutes as well as requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act with respect to the subpoenas," Cafero told The Courant. 

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Comments (9)

The democrats are simply following the procedures of obummer &his cohorts. Lie, cheat, steal.....This case is all about a group switching from one mailing co. to another. OMG! what were they thinking ?? Malloy knows he hasn't a chance of being re-elected, so what to do?? Sic the FBI on your opponents with false accusations.

You seem to be a bit confused as this is not about the democrats ..It is about how the republicans in CT are criminals. Try to stay on topic....

Actually its more about how easily manipulated most voters are. And this publication is as guilty of partisanship & manipulation as anything else is.

This is of no surprise as republicans have a long history of being criminals

Take a look at Dem Chris Donovan. Take a look at the changes in legislation (by a Dem legislature and governor) that allow state contractors to give donations to parties and where that money is going...Democratic Party.

ACORN with a strong presence in Bridgeport and New Haven was NOT a Republican party organization but a Democrat party associated org and was disbanded for their tax issues and activities.

How would a Florida printing company providing services and products for candidates trigger this? It certainly could not be that interstate commerce is prohibited.

Undue influence or improper access or corruption should not be tolerated from either party.

You may want to stick to the topic of the article which is about the Republican criminals in Ct. It is not about the lies you post about the Democrats

Yeah, their leadership has put CT squarely on top of the list of overtaxed and under employed!

As we all know the Republicans are always up to no good..