Danbury Democrats Will Choose Registrar Of Voters Candidate In Primary

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DANBURY, Conn. -- Danbury Democrats will go to the polls Tuesday to choose a candidate for registrar of voters for the November election.  

On the ballot is longtime Democratic Registrar of Voters Margaret "Marge" Gallo, who failed to receive her party's nomination, and challenger Susan Ward, the town party's vice chairman.  

Gallo came under fire from the Democratic Party last year after supporting a controversial plan to relocate the polling places for Danbury's Third Ward and Sixth Ward. 

She and Republican registrar Mary Ann Doran supported a proposal by the City Council to move the polling place in the Third Ward from Broadview Middle School to Stadley Rough School and in the Sixth Ward from Park Avenue School to the Moose Lodge on Lake Kenosia, according to the News-Times.com.

In a letter to Democratic voters, City Council member Thomas Saadi and Town Clerk Lori Kaback urged Democrats to vote for Ward, saying she would reach out to officials and voters before moving a polling place. 

"This public outreach was absent last year when the Democratic and Republican registrars initially agreed to move the 6th Ward and 3rd Ward polling places.

"To further protect votes like you, Susan will ask local and state officials to support new laws requiring public notice and a public hearing before a polling place can be moved."

Gallo withdrew her support of the plan after Democrats said the move would make it more difficult for some voters to cast ballots because of the more remote locations, the News-Times said. 

Read more about the polling place controversy in the News-Times.com.

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