Himes Calls On State Officials To Help Shoreline Homeowners

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Rep. Jim Himes
Rep. Jim Himes Photo Credit: Courtesy Jim Himes' Office

WESTPORT, Conn. -- U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-4th District) is calling on the Connecticut Interagency Hazard Mitigation Committee to help shoreline homeowners. 

Himes is asking the committee to reconsider the decision not to consider municipal grant requests for homeowners to elevate homes vulnerable to flooding. The program awards will instead be awarded to municipal infrastructure projects despite requests from municipal leaders to prioritize residents over projects, according to Himes' office.

Himes said individual homeowners believed funding would be available before the committee announced its decision.

“The government should put people over projects, period. Constituents and municipal leaders have asked for months for Hazard Mitigation Program Grants to be made available to shoreline homeowners for elevation projects to prevent damage from future storms – some spending tens of thousands of dollars for the plans to do so – only for a state committee to shut homeowners out of funding in favor of projects identified as lower priority by town CEOs," Himes said in a release. "I appreciate Governor Malloy’s call for the Interagency Hazard Mitigation Committee to reconsider its decision, and I urge them to review each individual application swiftly and transparently on the merits to best alleviate future possible damage."

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Comments (17)

Thanks Representative Himes for the great work. You have my vote.

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So on the one hand, Himes wants to increase access to food stamps, unemployment insurance, and other benefits for the poor and on the other hand wants to reimburse waterfront property owners for losses caused by Mother Nature. Just where does the burden then fall? The middle class of course. Just when will socialists like Himes end their "war on the middle class?"

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