Malloy Proposes Increasing Minimum Wage To $10.10 Per Hour In Connecticut

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Gov. Dannel Malloy proposes an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour by 2017 during an event Tuesday in Bridgeport.
Gov. Dannel Malloy proposes an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour by 2017 during an event Tuesday in Bridgeport. Photo Credit: Gov. Dannel Malloy's office

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- A proposal to hike the minimum wage in Connecticut to $10.10 per hour by 2017 will be introduced when the General Assembly opens its new session, Gov. Dannel Malloy announced Tuesday.  

"Full-time workers should not live in poverty," Malloy said via Twitter @GovMalloyOffice. "A good and decent wage is good for workers and good for business."

The proposal would mirror recent national efforts by President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders to raise the federal minimum wage to that same amount.

The increase would give Connecticut the highest minimum wage in the nation.

In the summer of 2013, Malloy signed a bill into law that increased the state's minimum wage in two stages: from $8.25 to $8.70 per hour on Jan. 1, 2014, followed by a second increase to $9 per hour scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, 2015.

The proposal announced Tuesday calls for a modification of next year’s increase, bringing the total to $9.15 on Jan. 1, 2015. The proposal would then add a 45-cent increase to $9.60 beginning Jan. 1, 2016, followed by a 50-cent increase to $10.10 effective Jan. 1, 2017.

“There is a debate happening across our country on how to tackle the growing income inequality that is detrimental to our middle-class families and to our economy. Part of tackling that critically important challenge is making sure that we recognize that a good and decent wage is good for workers and good for business,” Malloy said at a news conference in Bridgeport.

“For too long, the minimum wage has not kept up with the cost of living. As studies have shown, the workers who would benefit from a minimum wage increase brought home 46 percent of their household’s total wage and salary income in 2011. When workers earn more money, businesses will have more customers. This modest boost will help those earning the least to make ends meet.”

Out of Connecticut’s workforce of 1.7 million people, it is estimated that there are currently 70,000 to 90,000 workers who earn the minimum wage. The Governor’s proposal means that an employee working 40-hours per week would earn $21,008 per year. Currently, the federal poverty guideline for a family of four is $23,850.

“The recession and the relatively slow economic recovery have been especially difficult for our lower-wage workers,” Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman said in a statement. “This phased-in increase is a way that we can begin to help these working men and women help themselves, and contribute to a recovery that will benefit us all.”

The proposal will be included in the governor’s legislative package for the 2014 regular session of the General Assembly, which begins Wednesday, Feb. 5.

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Comments (27)

It should be at least 15. Ten is way to low.. Why would anyone work for 10 when welfare pays more. I know of this guy in Port Chester that has been on the welfare for years drinking and doing drugs.

You make a very good point 15 would be more of a fair wage.

HAHA I know of the same person.....

Minimum wages should be decided at state level, and Wash. DC should get rid of the minimum wage requirement. Let some states make mistakes and ruin their economy, while other states would benefit from it.

This is the right move for the economy and the people of Ct.. Only the uneducated would not agree.

Look at this
You are correct this is the right thing to do..

Just cementing his voting block. This control freak from hell is trying to best Obama for the most pathetic example of political leadership of the 21st century.
Never mind crime, never mind jobs, never mind the tax burden, lets just give everybody 50 bucks and raise minimum wage! Yeah, at least it looks like we care! Just like that gun control joke we sold them! Don't matter if it doesn't help anybody, we already got ours! Anybody who voted for this bozo should be ashamed of themselves.

Do you have any idea what you are rambling about? It seems you just copy and paste the lies and propaganda from the far right wing wacko blogs.

Welcome back inflation rates we haven't seen in awhile.
I'm pretty sure that will force a lingering recession to prattle on.
As minimum wage earners get a 50 cent a year raise (roughly), the cost of essential item will rise in a supply and demand pattern.
Maybe we should rethink the 40 hour work week as not being the gold standard everyone believes is the norm. From middle management up right to the top, which mostly all are salaried workers, a very slim few have had a 40 hour work week since they took their positions..
It's not the hourly rate but the hours worked that needs to be addressed. Otherwise the family of four will become the family of five and still live in poverty.

What food-mar gas station won't raise the price of bread and milk accordingly and instantly? How does it help a minimum wage earner, for they will still basically be paying the same price or afford only the same amounts.

Post war Germany, you needed a wheelbarrow full of Marks to buy a loaf of bread.
Ask Greece, Portugal and Italy what raising wages has done for them.
Devaluing the currency by raising wages is not the answer. Our parents and grandparents, ' made it ', because they put long hours into doing so.

Best way to pay for this hike is to levy a tax on government workers who vote for it....If not, I will have to lay off someone next year.

That's not necessarily true. Many businesses work on margin or volume sales.. If he has 20 employees and has to give all another thousand dollars nest year, dropping to 19 workers, pays for itself. Especially if the owner still buys milk and bread for his family and still has that note on the business to pay. Where's the money going to come from?

I know that landlords, knowing some of their minimum wage earning tenants have an extra $80, will surely raise their rent. It a ridiculous circle, to raise wages. When the tide comes in all boats raise the same. Some are still going to be in the dingy though. Yet because they now earn more, they will suffer a tax consequence. That's all this does.

Broad River
Gtr is correct if a company cannot survive due to paying a fair wage they were already doomed to fail.

Well, I guess those companies will be okay as long as they pass their CODB onto the consumer and that's what they'll do as you as you get your $10/Hr..Once again you're behind the 8 ball. Or if we see it your way, higher unemployment

Broad river Its your type of mentality that almost caused another great depression. You are outdated and simply put wrong.

It doesn't really matter. I made 28% in the market last year. I retired at 51, right after 911. The only thing I've ever lost was a paper loss,, and that was on housing values. You do what you want, I'm doing better than average and I stopped trying when Regan was in office. I wish you well but raising minimum wage will only hurt he poor and those living just above the poverty line. It's not going to even be noticed by the upper middle class.

If you have to layoff for this your business was already a failure

Correct GTR they would be companies that were already on the way out.

Keep driving business away from CT with your short-sighted plans like this, Dannel! What will you plan to do when there is no one left in CT to pay these minimum wage rates? Move to Texas?

why stop at $10?
let's just do $20? or $30....heck, why sell people short, governor?
Let's peg it at $50/hr.....if raising the minimum wage is good for the economy, why on earth would we stop at $10....?

$10.10 per hour is far more than low rung Mexican workers could ever earn in their own country. What is the obvious course of action for these people and their families? Cross the border illegally and double their standard of living. Is this what we want?

Greenbeanie are you reefing to the Mexican workers that work for the republican as cheap labor?

Bigwilly You make a very good point. It was the war criminal Bush that opened the borders so his buddies could get cheap labor the Alzheimer infected republicans seem to forget this fact.

BigWilly is obviously a big fan of the boy king,the manchild in chief himself,B.H. Obama.

Bald intruder is obviously a big fan of the village idiot,the war criminal himself,Bush

Actually I am not Face sit,but I can spot an unqualified clown like the manchild a mile away.He is a media creation,a jug eared fraud if I ever saw one.