Poll: Taxes, Budget Hurt Malloy; Governor Tied With Foley In Race

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Tom Foley and Dannel Malloy are in a dead heat in the latest polls in the race for governor of Connecticut.
Tom Foley and Dannel Malloy are in a dead heat in the latest polls in the race for governor of Connecticut. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy of Stamford and Republican challenger Tom Foley of Greenwich are in a tie in the race for governor of Connecticut, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Friday.


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Who do you favor in the 2014 race for governor of Connecticut?

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Foley, a businessman and former ambassador to Ireland, has a big lead in the Republican field, the poll said. 

Malloy's handling of the state budget and taxes, including his failed promise to offer $55 tax refunds, are big hurdles in his re-election campaign, the poll said.

His job approval stands at 48 percent vs. 46 percent, with voters saying by a slight 48 percent to 44 percent margin that he does not deserve to be re-elected, the poll said.

Malloy and Foley remain deadlocked at 43 percent to 43 percent.

Among other possible Republican challengers, Malloy edges State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney of Fairfield, 44 percent to 40 percent, and tops Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton 44 percent to 39 percent. He leads other challengers by margins of 8 percent to 10 percentage points.

A week before the Connecticut Republican Convention, Foley leads the GOP pack with 39 percent, followed by Boughton with 9 percent and McKinney with 8 percent. No other Republican tops 5 percent, and 28 percent are undecided.

"It's deja-vu all over again as Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy and 2010 Republican standard-bearer Tom Foley remain locked in a dead heat," said Douglas Schwartz, PhD, director of the Quinnipiac University poll.

"One week before the Republican Convention, Foley is still the clear frontrunner. Mayor Mark Boughton, State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney and the rest of the pack are running way behind. Those trying to catch Foley are still struggling to gain name recognition."

The Republican challengers are closing in on Malloy, he said. 

"The good news for Gov. Malloy is that the negative headlines about his cancellation of the $55 per person tax refund does not seem to affect his overall approval rating or his standing in the governor's race. The bad news is that almost all the Republicans are within single digits of Malloy, with Foley tied and Boughton and McKinney on his heels," Dr. Schwartz added.

Malloy's planned tax refund was a "campaign gimmick" that never should have been offered, Connecticut voters say 60 percent to 29 percent. 

In an open-ended question, allowing for any answer, 18 percent of those who disapprove of the job Malloy is doing cite taxes as the main reason, while another 18 percent list the state budget or finances as 13 percent cite the economy or jobs.

Among those who approve of the job Malloy is doing, 13 percent cite his good job as governor and 9 percent list the state budget or finances.

Only 21 percent of voters say they are personally better off than they were four years ago, while 30 percent say they are worse off and 48 percent say they are about the same. The $1.5 billion tax hike Malloy signed three years ago to close the budget deficit hurt the state economy 32 percent of voters say, while 21 percent say it helped and 39 percent say it made no difference.

"Economic issues are dragging Gov. Malloy down," Schwartz said. "A bright spot for Malloy is that voters think he has strong leadership qualities and is honest and trustworthy."

From May 1 to 6, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,668 registered voters. The margin of error is 2.4 percentage points. 

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Comments (22)

The only way to blame one party or the other for any mess is when only one party has full control. That would be now.

The buck stops there, but the buck, what it costs and what it means all come from the legislature. Anybody blaming ANYTHING in CT on the Republican party is out to lunch. How long will it take for people to look in the mirror instead of pointing fingers? Foley stinks but anything to stem the rubber stamping of any liberal drivel that reached Malloys desk is worth it.
Its a very very sad thing when people need to point to predecessors to explain away their guys failure. Its a societal failure, progressive liberalism is not self sustaining. It sucks an economy dry. We let it happen and now we need to vote out all big govt tax & spend politicians of any party. If we voted out every incumbent it would send a strong message. Why on earth do we keep electing the same people who put us here?

Has there been anything done in the last 5 years that’s made it more likely for an entrepreneur to want to start a business?

Please tell us in your own words what you would have done different..
Please do not us the worn out line from the right wing blogs of cut taxes.. If you actually paid taxes you would understand they are a necessary evil.

After Bush Rowland and Rell I would not vote for any Republican for anything.

Re-elect Malloy and his ilk. Another term of Malloy and we'll end up just like Detroit.

I don't know which is worse, Detroit bankrupted by the democrats, or Chicago deaths by gun homicides, ran by democrats and non sense gun laws.

You would think that by now, the democratic idiots would start to figure out that spending money and taxing people does nothing but hurt everyone in the end.

You may not know what is worse but I do..
The Republican was criminal Bush who destroyed the national economy.
The Republican was criminal Bush who started 2 wars on lies and on credit.
The Republican war criminal Bush who allowed the 911 attacks due to him ignoring the warning he was given..
The Republican criminal Rowland and the Republican grandma Rell who destroyed the ct economy

AH !!! AH !!!!! AH !!!!! I can't give you a Tax Break nor YOUR 55^$$$$$$b Back!!!!!! I am Driving Every working person OUT of CT to pay for those Entitled People AH !!!! AH !!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a Great Day and (pay and Pay your taxes)

Ct has always been a Democratic stronghold with a few terms run by Republicans. How can anyone blame the economic mess on anything but failed liberal policy.

It was those few terms of Republican Governors that destroyed the ct economy

Gun owners can't wait to vote Malloy out of office, and will be writing checks to Foley or whomever can beat him.

I vote for Malloy

Thanks to Governor Malloy the state now has a balanced budget..

Governor Malloy inherited a mess from past Republican Governors. In much the same way as President Obama inherited a disaster from the Republican Bush. Governor Malloy has done a remarkable job digging us out of the mess created by the Republicans Rell and Rowland.

Bye Bye Malloy! Welcome Foley.

The Governor is the chief executive of the state.. Those that blame the legislator are just looking for excuses.. The buck stops at the Governors desk.

Same old boring Republican right wing talking points..
I have news for you Governor Malloy can't reduce taxes as he has to dig us out of the mess created by the past tax and spend Republican Governors

Rell, Rowland, Malloy, Foley...no one governor can overcome the big spending/taxing democrats that have controlled the state senate all these years.

Time to cut government spending by half.

Why would anyonr vote for a Republican after the destruction caused by the Republicans Rell and Rowland