Danbury High School To Stop Midterms, Final Exams

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DANBURY, Conn. -- Danbury High School is looking to stop the long-accepted yet dreaded practice of administering midterm and final exams to its nearly 3,000 students, according to the NewsTimes.com.

The Danbury Board of Education approved the proposal to end midterms and finals during a workshop Wednesday and is expected to formally approve the plan at its next meeting, the NewsTimes.com said.

Principal Gary Bocaccio and a majority of teachers support the plan because the tests take away too much classroom time, students take plenty of other tests, and finals don't serve as a learning tool.

Opponents said studying for midterms and finals helps students prepare for college.

The week of half-days in January and May for the tests would become full classroom days.

Read the full story here at the NewsTimes.com.

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