Danbury’s Stadley Rough School Names New Principal

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Bethel resident Edward Wachowski has been named the new principal at Stadley Rough Elementary School in Danbury.
Bethel resident Edward Wachowski has been named the new principal at Stadley Rough Elementary School in Danbury. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

DANBURY, Conn. – Bethel resident Edward Wachowski, a former assistant principal in Norwalk, has been named the new principal of Stadley Rough Elementary School in Danbury, Superintendent Sal Pascarella announced Tuesday.

The city’s Board of Education made the appointment earlier in the week to replace outgoing principal Mary Johnson.

“He presents as a collaborative and hands-on administrator who has devoted considerable efforts to increasing instructional rigor and accountability among the certified staff in his building,” Pascarella said in a statement. 

Wachowski was in administrative meetings this week and could not be reached for comment. His starting annual salary will be about $112,000, according to the News-Times.

He taught in the Greenwich school system for 10 years before becoming assistant principal of Silvermine Elementary School in Norwalk. The Norwalk experience, where the school’s demographics mirror those of Stadley Rough, helped persuade the Danbury system to hire him, Pascarella said.

“We discussed at length his familiarity with ELL (English Language Learners) instructional strategies in particular, given that the demographics of the Silvermine Elementary School are parallel to those at Stadley Rough,” Pascarella said.

While at Silvermine in 2009, Wachowski helped the Norwalk school to achieve a second-place finish place in the Fairfield County Academic Gain Award Ceremony for the Lone Pine Foundation, which recognizes “significant growth in student achievement.”

Board of Education Chairwoman Gladys Cooper was part of the interview team that spoke to Wachowski and she said she found him to be impressive.

“We thought he would be a real asset at Stadley Rough,” Cooper said. 

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Stadley Rough was long a model for open space education. Under its original principal, Joseph Sauer, the school thrived, until it was beset by local funding issues, forcing teachers, to acknowledge that if they were to have to function as other schools, then like other schools they should once again have walls.
Under the leadership of Joe Sauer, a man gifted with educational common sense, the school thrived for many years. The staff worked together, and truly enjoyed working with each other. This not only benefited students, but gave rise to an outside social life, stronger than almost any ever found in a working environment. Adult interaction between, teachers, aides, student teachers, and parent volunteers, throughout the school day, was of such value that its memory survives even after these so many years.
It was a privilege and my honor to have been a part of the originl staff, and to have experienced so many years of a professional life unavailable to the bulk of educators, today, or ever, and especially to have served so many students in getting their start in life at that school and in that environment.
My best wishes to the school and its new leader in their endeavors on behalf of their learners. Let Common Sense be your guide.

What a shame, another casualty of the Norwalk BOE budget screw up. I wish Edward all the best but Norwalk is going to realize very quickly that they lost many great teachers and vice principals due the BOE crappy accounting.