Poll: Danbury Fans Ready For Start Of New NFL Season

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Fairfield County football fans -- are you ready for a new season? The National Football League season kicks off Sunday and Monday for the hometown teams from the New York area.


How Do You Think The Jets And Giants Will Fare This Season?

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How Do You Think The Jets And Giants Will Fare This Season?

  • They Will Both Win 10 Or More Games And Contend For Super Bowl

  • Both Teams Will Make Playoffs

  • Giants Will Make The Playoffs, Jets Will Not

  • Jets Will Make The Playoffs, Giants Will Not

  • Neither Team Will Be In The Playoff Hunt

  • Neither Team Will Finish With More Than 6 Wins

  • I'm A Baseball Fan

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The Jets host the Oakland Raiders on Sunday at 1 p.m. at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The Giants play on Monday against the Detroit Lions. Kickoff at Ford Field is 7:10 p.m.

Neither team made the playoffs in 2013. The Giants stumbled to an 0-6 start and finished 7-9. The Jets won three of their last four games to finish 8-8. Neither team reached the league playoffs.

The Giants did go 5-0 in the preseason this year. The Jets were 2-2. The Giants beat the Jets in a preseason game, 35-24.

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