Poll: Will You Get Red Sox Plates, Danbury?

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Fairfield County residents will be able to display their Red Sox pride, with proceeds going to charity.
Fairfield County residents will be able to display their Red Sox pride, with proceeds going to charity.

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Connecticut and Fairfield County may be split between fans of the Yankees and the Red Sox, but soon only the Boston fans will be able to show their loyalty with their license plates. 


Would you get a Boston Red Sox license plate?

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Would you get a Boston Red Sox license plate?

  • Yes, definitely, the Sox are my favorite.

  • No, I would never get a vanity plate.

  • Absolutely not, I am a Yankees fan.

  • I'm holding out for another team.

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On Friday morning, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman will join representatives from the Boston Red Sox and other state and local officials at a news conference in Hartford to announce the details of a Red Sox charity license plate program. 

The program will be run through the Red Sox Foundation and help fund a soon-to-be-formed scholarship program for Connecticut public high school students who demonstrate academic talent, financial need and a commitment to community service.

No word on whether the Yankees plan to follow suit. 

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Comments (8)

How many people commute to New York on a daily basis alone should dictate that this program is DOA! Another brilliant idea from the Malloy administration..1 & Done!

Red Sox plates? I'd rather get plates that announced I was a child molester!

You gotta love the rambling, long winded, angst-filled, jealousy-driven post by the lonely Bo-Sux fan, bostonbornandbred. Bro, your team SUUUUCKS! LOL! And who are you write the rules on what team New Englanders should follow? Is that the best you can do? Whay not comment on how great the Sox are? Truth be told, no one around here wants to follow a CRAPPY LAUGHING STOCK of a team anyway!!! LMAO!

CT is part of New England. NY is not. It should be illegal to root for the Yankees or display their logo in CT. We should post guards at the border! Babe Ruth began and ended his career in New England. The 2013 Yankees are a sorry bunch of the elderly, the injured and the never were/never will be. Whereas the Red Sox are resurgent the Yankees are destined for the cellar.

Why do so many people leave NY and move to CT? How many people do the opposite? Just wondering.........

2012 Standings: Yankees 1st Place 95 wins, 67 losses. Red Sox Last Place 69 wins, 93 losses. 26 games worse than the Yankees.

Never were? 27 World Series Championships....

Never will be? Not this year but they will win again before the Red Sucks do.

WHY would Norwalk, which is located less then 45 minutes from New York city (and Yankee territory) want red sox plates?

This is great if you live in Norwalk and want to have your car vandalized!

Nice! This is a great idea! Kids can always use more scholarship programs!

...and it will be even easier to spot a loser on the road!